About Us

The Stellar Abundance and Galactic Evolution Group, was founded at the start of the Knowledge Innovation Project of the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) in 1999. We utilize telescopes around the world to obtain high-resolution spectra of stars, and to research in the fields of chemical abundance analysis, metal-poor star searching, extra-solar planetary systems, Galactic structure and evolution, etc. Besides, we have achieved great progresses in laboratary astrophysics and related fields. In the past decade, more than 10 graduate students of the group received a master's degree while over 20 were awarded the doctoral degree. Up to 2008, the group has published more than 200 scientific papers in domestic and overseas journals, and was awarded the second prize of the 2008 National Natural Science Awards, becoming one most influential research group in the field of stellar physics in the world.