Zhao Gang was awarded to the 2010 Ho Leung Ho Lee Award

Professor Zhao Gang was awarded to the 2010 Ho Leung Ho Lee AwardMore

70 DA White Dwarfs Identified in LAMOST Pilot Survey

Jingkun Zhao, Gang Zhao, Ali Luo and T. D. Oswalt present a spectroscopically identified catalog of 70 DA white dwarfs (WDs) from the LAMOST pilot survey. Thirty-five are found to be new identifications after cross-correlation with the Eisenstein et al. and Villanova catalogs. More

Modeling loop-top X-ray source and reconnection outflows in solar flares

We and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics successfully modeled loop-top X-ray source and reconnection outflows in solar flares with intense lasers, with G-II laser device. Magnetic reconnection is a description of the tearing mode resistive instability in a plasma, in which the plasma resistivity leads to dissipation of free magnetic energy on a timescale intermediate between slow diffusion and fast Alfven relaxation.More

Chen Yuqin was awarded to the 11th Chinese Youth Science and Technology Prize

She used the 2.16 m telescope and several largest astronomical observation equipments in the world to get large sample and high-quality data. Since 2000, she published a total of 48 articles, 35 of which SCI papers, most papers published in four internationally renowned astronomy journals. Research has been cited more than 400 times, in which the highest single papers was cited 150 times.More

Searching for Moving Groups

A moving group is a group of stars with similar age, metallicity, and velocity, provide important proofs for the research of the Galactic origin and evolution. Based on kernel estimation and wavelet analysis, we have identified 22 moving group candidates, from over 14,000 dwarfs and 6,000 giants in the solar neighborhood.More

Extra-Solar Planets Detection by Chinese and Japanese Astronomers

Around a red giant with intermediate mass, Chinese and Japanese astronomers detected an extra-Solar planet with 2.7 times mass of Jupiter, with an orbiting period of 324 days. This is the first extra-solar planet jointly discovered by 2.16m telescope in Xinglong, China and the 1.88m telescope in Okayama, Japan.More

The Milky Way Loses Weight

Collaborating with astronomers from MPIA, Germany, Ms. Xue from our group accurately determined that the mass of the Galaxy is about a 1,000 billion solar masses, only half of formerly measured value. This result is of great importance to the research on Galactic formation and evolution, as well as on the distribution of dark matters.More