袁大伟 Da-Wei YUAN



教育和工作经历 Education and Working Experience

>>2014.7-Now 中国科学院国家天文台, 博士后
Postdoctor, Natioal Astronomical Observatory, CAS

>>2009.9-2014.6 中国科学院物理研究所,获理学博士学位
Doctor of Science, Institude of Physics, CAS

>>2005.9-2009.7 山东大学,获工学学士学位
Bachelar of Eng, Shandong University


研究方向 Research Interests

Experiment on collisionless shockwave generation and particles acceleration in Supernova Remnants (SNRs)
Modeling supersonic jet deflection in Herbig-Haro 110/270 system with high-power lasers


研究论文 Publications

  1. Yuan Da-Wei & Li Yu-Tong, Studies of collisionless shockwaves using high-power laser pulses in laboratories, Chin. Phys. B, 2014 (Accepted)
  2. D. W. Yuan, Y. T. Li, X. Liu, Y. Zhang, J. Y. Zhong, et al., Shockwaves and Filaments Induced by Counter-Streaming Laser-produced Plasmas, High Energy Density Physics, 9, 239-242, 2013
  3. YUAN DaWei, LI YuTong, SU LuNing, LIAO GuoQian, YIN ChuanLei, et al., Filaments in high-speed counter-streaming plasma interactions driven by high-power laser pulses, Sci China-Phys. Mech. & Astron, 56, 12:2381-2385, 2013
  4. Q.-L. DONG, D.-W. YUAN, S.-J. WANG, Y.-T. LI, X. LIU, et al., Energetic electron generation by magnetic reconnection in laboratory laser-plasma interactions, J. Plasma Physics, 78, 497-500, 2012
  5. Lu Zhang, Li-Ming Chen, Da-Wei, Yuan, Wen-Chao Yan, Zhao-Hua Wang, et al., Enhanced Kα output of Ar and Kr using size optimized cluster target irradiated by high-contrast laser pulses, Opt. Express, 19, 25812-25822, 2011
  6. Quan-Li Dong, Shou-jun Wang, Quan-Ming Lu, Can Huang, Da-Wei Yuan, et al., Plasmoid Ejection and Secondary Cirrent Sheet Generation from Magnetic Reconnection in Laser-Plasma Interaction, Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 215001, 2012
  7. Lu Zhang, Li-Ming Chen, Wei-Ming Wang, Wen-Chao Yan, Da-Wei Yuan, et al., Electron acceleration via high contrast laser interaction with submicron clusters, Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 014104, 2012